Why You Might Want to do a DNA Test

Do you know from where you originated? Perhaps you know where you and your parents were born but what about the rest of the family? The information that you seek is contained within your DNA (deoxyribonucleic) code. Did you know that there are more than three billion letters in our genetic code? With the advancements of technology scientist can now tell you a little bit about you than you ever thought possible. According to an article, some of the interesting things that you can learn from your DNA code include: mapping out your family tree, solving ancient mysterious, figuring out the origins of your pet, predicting your future, and may even help you to lose weight. So, what about those home DNA tests? Are they any good at accurately telling you anything regarding your DNA? According to an article, there are multiple companies out there claiming that with a little spit they can get you’re your DNA test results in the mail. Problem is, that the FDA is not currently regulating these testing centers. Because of the lack of oversight, you really can’t be sure that the results you get are accurate or even yours. The best thing you can do is don’t make any drastic decisions in your life based on what you may have learned from an alleged DNA test.

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